Date: Sun 09/23/18 10:45PM
From: Dan B
State: FL
Group: VHPAF
Years: Sept 1970 Sept 1971

Message: In the latest VHPA mag (Issue 37-05) requested info about Thomas B. Collins. He was killed by a Cobra T/R on June 11, 1971 POC is Jim McLaughlin (

Date: Wed 07/4/18 5:10PM
From: Scott Wagner
City: Richmond
State: Virginia

Message: Thank you for your service D Troop. I'm the nephew of Larry J. Talley. He was killed on August 10, 1969 flying his Cobra with Tom Rosenow. I just connected with Nick Lappos and what a treat to speak with someone who knew, served with and loved my uncle. I was only 5 when he was killed, but I remember him well and still miss him very much. I hope to connect with others who knew him.
I wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

Scott Wagner
Richmond, VA

Date: Thu 06/28/18 2:41AM
From: Dave Schwartz
City: Olympia
State: Wa
Group: Ops Sabre 3
Years: Aug 71-April72

Message: Thanks for a great site

Date: Sat 08/12/17 9:08PM
From: Edmond Nugent
City: Calverton
State: NY
Group: Scouts
Years: Jul 68 - Sep 70

Message: scout members know ed nugent

Date: Sat 07/1/17 12:55AM
From: Randy McCarty
City: Citrus Heights
State: CA
Group: Maintenance
Years: April 68-April 69

Message: I took over the UH-1C from Tommy Tucker.

Date: Sat 06/24/17 5:34PM
From: Dick McDermott
City: Farmington
State: NY
Group: Blues
Years: 1972

Message: I was with the blues platoon and I don't have a lot of names my memory is shot to hell

Date: Tue 09/6/16 6:03PM
From: Robert (Bob) Lane
City: Pineville
State: NC
Group: Slicks
Years: 1971-72

Message: I flew for the 23rd Inf. Division along with D Troop, 1St Squadron, 1St Cavalry out of Chu Lai and Marble Mountain, DaNang. My missions consisted of flying slicks, guns and NightHawk. My call sign was Sabre24. I was saddened to hear one of my co-pilots WO-1 Daryl Osberg) passed away last year in the Chicago area.

Date: Sat 07/2/16 2:38AM
From: Mike Beck
City: Pensacola
State: FL
Group: Scouts
Years: 69-71

Message: Just found the site about a hour ago. Thanks Mike for such a GREAT Site. I hope to find and meet some of my brothers that I served with in D-Troop. Mike do you know of Warrant Officer Woody? I flew with him a lot.

Date: Sun 06/5/16 12:16AM
From: Joe McManus
City: Near Philadelphia
State: PA
Group: Blues
Years: Oct 68 - Nov 69

Message: Best of Luck to all D Troopers especially the "Blues" of 1-1. Best Regards, the "Blues" of 2-1.

Date: Sun 04/17/16 11:31PM
From: Dan Brunger, CW4 (Ret.)
City: Melbourne beach
State: FL
Group: Guns/ BN TOC
Years: Sept 70 - Sept 71

Message: It's been a while. Mike, sorry to see you shut the site down. The pics and names are memory jogging. I'd like to see them somehow transfer to VHPA. It's also sad to see some of the troops "go west'. Some I've known personally. "If you ain't CAV,...!