Date: Wed 01/30/19 7:50PM
From: Dave Mingori
City: Greenville
State: Michigan
Group: AERO Rifle
Years: 72-73

Message: Katterbach Germany. Just found the site.

Date: Sun 09/23/18 10:45PM
From: Dan B
State: FL
Group: VHPAF
Years: Sept 1970 Sept 1971

Message: In the latest VHPA mag (Issue 37-05) requested info about Thomas B. Collins. He was killed by a Cobra T/R on June 11, 1971 POC is Jim McLaughlin (

Date: Wed 07/4/18 5:10PM
From: Scott Wagner
City: Richmond
State: Virginia

Message: Thank you for your service D Troop. I'm the nephew of Larry J. Talley. He was killed on August 10, 1969 flying his Cobra with Tom Rosenow. I just connected with Nick Lappos and what a treat to speak with someone who knew, served with and loved my uncle. I was only 5 when he was killed, but I remember him well and still miss him very much. I hope to connect with others who knew him.
I wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

Scott Wagner
Richmond, VA

Date: Thu 06/28/18 2:41AM
From: Dave Schwartz
City: Olympia
State: Wa
Group: Ops Sabre 3
Years: Aug 71-April72

Message: Thanks for a great site

Date: Sat 08/12/17 9:08PM
From: Edmond Nugent
City: Calverton
State: NY
Group: Scouts
Years: Jul 68 - Sep 70

Message: scout members know ed nugent

Date: Sat 07/1/17 12:55AM
From: Randy McCarty
City: Citrus Heights
State: CA
Group: Maintenance
Years: April 68-April 69

Message: I took over the UH-1C from Tommy Tucker.

Date: Sat 06/24/17 5:34PM
From: Dick McDermott
City: Farmington
State: NY
Group: Blues
Years: 1972

Message: I was with the blues platoon and I don't have a lot of names my memory is shot to hell

Date: Tue 09/6/16 6:03PM
From: Robert (Bob) Lane
City: Pineville
State: NC
Group: Slicks
Years: 1971-72

Message: I flew for the 23rd Inf. Division along with D Troop, 1St Squadron, 1St Cavalry out of Chu Lai and Marble Mountain, DaNang. My missions consisted of flying slicks, guns and NightHawk. My call sign was Sabre24. I was saddened to hear one of my co-pilots WO-1 Daryl Osberg) passed away last year in the Chicago area.

Date: Sat 07/2/16 2:38AM
From: Mike Beck
City: Pensacola
State: FL
Group: Scouts
Years: 69-71

Message: Just found the site about a hour ago. Thanks Mike for such a GREAT Site. I hope to find and meet some of my brothers that I served with in D-Troop. Mike do you know of Warrant Officer Woody? I flew with him a lot.

Date: Sun 06/5/16 12:16AM
From: Joe McManus
City: Near Philadelphia
State: PA
Group: Blues
Years: Oct 68 - Nov 69

Message: Best of Luck to all D Troopers especially the "Blues" of 1-1. Best Regards, the "Blues" of 2-1.