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Get your Free D Troop email -
Take a minute to read this and give it a try. You can have a D-Troop Email account with your own name or call sign to use in addition to your current email account. I can create your email account on my server and have it forwarded to your current email service. Makes email a lot easier and shows your support for our Troop. Easy to remember, too.
No Spam because this service is strictly from my server and no names will ever be given out. Your D-Troop email will never get onto anyone's spam list as a result of it being dispersed by me. All I am really doing is forwarding your D-Troop email to your current email address. Your existing email will not need any modifications... this is just a pure and simple way to remember D-Troop members email. An example would be, instead of putting in something such as: MikeAndJuliaGustin@antelecomwest.net - you could use something like Sabre@DTroop.com . Use your call sign, your name, a nickname, etc and it will come directly to you. Your current email service WILL NOT BE IMPACTED in any way.
If you were looking for John Jones (a former D-Troop pilot) or Mike Gustin (former D-Troop Scout), all you would need to do is put in the individual name @ dtroop.com (provided, they have signed up for D-Troop email). Simple as:MikeGustin@DTroop.comMy current email account still exists without any disruption in service.But now, I can find my pals without having to remember if they are on AOL, Prodigy, HotMail, Verizon, or any other service.
This is a free service from me to you! Just send me an email with your requested name and I'll get it set up for you right away.
Enjoy, Mike

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