In Memory
D-Troop Notes
VN Memorial Wall Location
Marcano, Winston Elvette Sgt 11B4P 09/02/1968 New York, NY Panel: 45W Row: 027
Skinner, Gordon A II Cpt 61204 08/16/1968 Framingham, MA Panel: 48W Row: 030
Bobo, William Charles Pfc 11D10 06/09/1969 Toledo, OH Panel: 21W Row: 087
Cardwell, Henry Walters Sgt 11B20 04/23/1969 Bessemer, AL Panel: 26W Row: 030
Ferrell, Walter L WO1 062B 01/27/1969 Slicks   Panel: 34W Row: 092
Heim, James Phillip Sp4 11C20 04/23/1969 Canton, OH Panel: 26W Row: 032
Huber, Leo John III Sp4 05/18/1969 Guns - New Orleans, LA Panel: 24W Row: 043
Koehler, John Francis Sp4 11H20 04/23/1969 Indianapolis, IN Panel: 26W Row: 032
Larmon, Timothy Elton Pfc 67Y20 10/21/1969 Santa Paula, CA Panel: 17W Row: 102
Ledford, Alvie Jr Cpt 0198 01/13/1969 Guns - Afton, OK   Panel: 27W Row: 075
Moore, David T Sgt 11B20 01/11/1969 Plant City, FL Panel: 35W Row: 072
Neiman, Gary Preston Sp4 11B20 04/23/1969 York, PA Panel: 26W Row: 034
Petteys, Cornel Sp4 11B20 09/01/1969 Wynantskill, NY   Panel: 18W Row: 021
Pierson, William C III CW3 100B 04/13/1969 Guns - Madison, WI   Panel: 27W Row: 077
Rivera, Santos Jr Pfc 11H1P 07/09/1969 New York, NY Panel: 21W Row: 090
Rocco, William Frank Sfc 11D40 04/23/1969 Lewistown, PA Panel: 26W Row: 035
Rosenow, Thomas A WO1 100B 08/10/1969 Guns - Cashton, WI   Panel: 20W Row: 126
Schneider, Thomas Sp4 67A20 07/02/1969 Maple Heights, OH Panel: 21W Row: 049
Stockbauer, Charles T Sp4 91B20 07/10/1969 Saint Joseph, MO Panel: 21W Row: 095
Talley, Larry James WO1 100E 08/10/1969 Guns - Richmond, VA   Panel: 20W Row: 127
Terrazas, Juan Luis Sp4 11B20 07/09/1969 Los Angeles, CA Panel: 21W Row: 091
Woods, James Bernard Jr Pfc 67V20 09/24/1969 New Milford, NJ Panel: 17W Row: 006
Yingling, Harry Patrick Sgt 67D20 07/19/1969 Export, PA Panel: 20W Row: 024
Conn, James Douglas 1Lt 1203 01/16/1970 Blues - Houston, TX Panel: 14W Row: 038
Crowley, John Edward Sp4 67N20 08/10/1970 Williamson, NY (BR 6/26/98)   Panel: 08W Row: 099
Grafton, James Sp4 11B20 01/22/1970 Blues - Laurel, MS Panel:14W Row: 057
Hunter, John Robert WO1 11B 04/30/1970 Guns - Texarkana, AR   Panel: 11W Row: 074
Johnson, Wyman T Sp4 94B20 04/22/1970 Markham, IL Panel: 11W Row: 036
Pickles, Michael CW2 100B 04/27/1970 Scouts - Sanford, ME   Click Panel: 11W Row: 060
Sims, Kirk Wayne Pfc 11B10 09/06/1970 Blues - Corpus Christi, TX Panel: 07W Row: 042
Galloway, Arthur Lee Jr 1Lt 1543 03/27/1971 Blues - Williamsburg, VA   Panel: 04W Row: 083
Brooks, Wheeler David Ssg 11B40 06/20/1971 Blues - Ollie, IA Panel: 03W Row: 083
Collins, Thomas Timothy Sp4 67N20 07/11/1971 Framingham, MA Panel: 03W Row: 106
Gilbertson, Alan Dale Sp5 11B20 04/03/1971 Saint Paul, MN Panel: 04W Row: 106
Miller, Pius Leo Sp5 11B20 04/11/1971 Blues - Fargo, ND Panel: 04W Row: 119
Stewart, Dennis Ray Sp4 63B20 12/04/1971 Blues - Sacramento, CA Click Panel: 02W Row: 084
Weston, James Edward E1 04/26/1971 Scouts - Fort Worth, TX Click Panel: 03W Row: 015
Thomas, Timothy A Sp4 10/31/1971 Lafayette, CA Panel: 01W Row: 088
Rabacal, Patrick William Sp4 67N20 01/16/1972 Scouts - Honolulu, HI Panel: 02W Row: 098
Dean, Lawrence Charles WO 08/15/1972 Guns - Searcy, AR Panel: 01W Row: 067
Florence, Dexter B 1Lt 10/29/1972 Scouts - Arkadelphia, AR Panel: 01W Row: 085
Died After Tour
Adams, Clarence "Dave"     08/11/2015 Guns 70-71 click   More
Alger, Duane E Jr 08/21/2012 68-69 More
Ainsworth, William C 12/12/2012
Austin, Syd Cpt 08/22/2010 Scouts
Ayers, David Cpt 2013 71-72
Blouin, Dean Allen Sp4   01/01/2017 Scouts    
Broocke, P.B. CW2 01/21/2002 Class 67-11
Brown, Jerry M. WO 011/27/2018 Guns Sep 69 to Sep 70 Class 67-11
Cantrell, L.R. 1Lt 05/10/2005 Class 69-24
Caylor, Fred H CW4 02/14/2006 Pilot/supply officer 70-71 Class 70-5
Chapman, Ken "Rankin" WO     possibly D-1/10      
Christol, Kenneth L Sp4   01/04/2010 Scouts, LOH gunner    
Cobb, Paul D WO   01/17/2018 Helicopter crash in NM    
Davis, Herman
De LaPortilla, David Pfc 11B20 12/28/1993 Blues-info by Sicinski
Elderbaum, Russell Sp5 67N20 07/29/1992 Scouts click
Epright, William Pfc 11B20 12/04/1999 Blues-info by Sicinski
Gorecki, Joseph     06/06/2017   click   More
Granberry, Glenn E Maj 02/05/2012 69-70   Class 66-3 More
Grant, Charles R 2Lt 05/04/2006 Class 70-26
Graumann, Larry Sp4 11B20 10/08/2015 Slicks - 4/70 to 4/71 click
Haynie, Bill     02/25/2018 Maint 6/71to 3/72      
Hine, Gordon Cpt 03/31/2007   Class 67-20
Horton, Jack Cpt 11/26/1994 Class 67-18
Hutar, Damien Robert   67Y10 11/24/2017 Guns Crew chief. Cancer     More
Hutchinson, Laurier WO   01/14/2014 Scouts - Agent Orange issues   4/69 - 4/70  
Jacobson, David WO 07/29/2004 Agent Orange complication  
Jeanguenat, Michael J WO   05/06/2016 Scouts 69-70 click    
Johnson, Russell WO 12/07/2007 Scouts
Keenan, Michael J Cpt Slicks-AC accident in Africa Class 70-26
Kinkead, James R E-5   12/22/2018 Scouts Crew Chief & Gunner click
Kipper,Timothy M CWO   01/02/2015 Guns - cancer      
Klein, Jay Clifford Sp5 04/16/2017 70-71 Scouts click
Koone, Michael T CW2 1972
Krutschwski, Peter L WO1 04/20/1996 04/20/1996
Martin, John 1Lt 2014 Guns 1969
McGee, Robert L
MacLeod, James F 6-71 to 3-72 Sabre 6
Murray, John T CW2 10/07/1998
Neuwein, Skip 08/20/2011 Agent Orange complication  
Nichols, Loren W Cpt 12/31/2019 Scouts 68-69 Class67-20 More
Osberg, Darley Francis WO 10/06/2012 71-72 Class 70-07 More
Parsons, Bob CW2 04/19/1999 Scouts 69-70
Polisky, Simon 08/2010 May 66 - May 67
Rasor, John William Sp4 11B20 03/03/2020 Blues Jul 68 - Jul 69 click More
Reed, Levi Guy
Ridgeway, Monty Sgt 11B20   Scouts 68-69  
Rufus, Jack
Shropshire, Garrie Sp4 11B20 10/1974 Blues-info by Sicinski
Sicinski, John R 11B20 11/21/2010 ARP
Smith, George David Ssg 11B40 04/22/2018 Blues 68-69 click More
Stephenson, Larry R CW2 69-70  
Taylor, Richard WO   2013 1971      
Tremel, Larry Blues
Washington, Herman Ssg 11B20 05/15/1997 Blues-info by Sicinski 68-69
Watkins, Michael CW2   2016        
Wilde, Michael 02/10/2013 Scouts 69-70     More
Woodrum, Gary
Wood, Bill "Woody" WO 02/19/2014 Scouts 1969  
Woods, Harold CW2 Scouts
Additional Information
Crowley, John Edward SP4 - MIA Laos. Remains returned 06/1998, ID'd 04/22/2000
Pierson, William C CW3 - BNR
Galloway, Arthur Lee Jr - Graduate of the Virginia Military Institute
John R. Sicinski SFC - born 2/7/31 in Poland and died in Columbus GA on 11/21/10. His remains will be returned to his native Poland. John escaped from post WWII Communist Poland in Feb. 1950 to West Germany where he worked for the British Army then for the US Army under the Lodge Act and completed his basic training at Fort Dix, Ne...w Jersey. In 1967 John was assigned to Aero Rifle Platoon, D Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Cav. Division, Fort Hood TX. John returned from Viet Nam to Fort Benning in 1970 for assignment with the USAMU Pistol team. In 1973 he was a member of the record setting Army "Blue" team at the National Matches, Camp Perry, Ohio. He retired from the Army in 1979 with 24 years of honorable service.