Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:24PM
From: Corey C Thompson
City: Minneapolis
State: MN
Group: Slicks
Years: Sep 71- Aug 72

Message: Assigned to D Trp 1/1 (Air) Cav 123rd Avn BN while the 23rd INF DIV was still at Chu Lai before the typhone hit VN. Flew Slicks. Also Nighthawk. Even some hours in Cobras.

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:30PM
From: Roger Wise (Col- Ret)
City: Green Valley
State: AZ
Group: Guns
Years: Nov 69-Nov 70

Message: The memories of serving in wartime with a great bunch of soldiers will stay with me forever. I flew Cobras with D Troop 1/1 Cav. I remember when I first took command of a battalion at Fort Hood, LTG Graves, the III Corps Commander, called me into his office and together, we reviewed his yearbook from when he was the 1/1 Cav squadron commander (ground). I can remember talking to him on the radio a number of times. We recently retired to Arizona after 30 years active duty and several years in the corporate world in DC. Best regards to all you guys! SABER-77.

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:32PM
From: Michael Wilde
City: Lake Charles
State: LA
Group: Scouts
Years: 1968-1969

Message: Mike, I Won't be able to attend the reunion, had a heart attack and Hurricane Rita - If you go tell all I miss them and the friendship we had espically Pepi and Terry and Nick Lappos

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:32PM
From: John Conway
City: Kansas City
State: MO
Group: N/A

Message: Hey Mike, Our mutual friend John Harris refered me to your fine site. I enjoyed the photos and look forward to seeing the site grow! Please vist the "Legacy of Valor" website (URL listed above) when you can! Keep up the Good work!

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:33PM
From: Jim Allen
City: High Point
State: NC
Group: Slicks
Years: May 69-Apr 70

Message: Slick Pilot, (Piggy/Sabre 22) Nick Lappos told me about site. Great to see some of D Troop still around.

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:34PM
From: Joanna L Millsap
City: Redlands
State: CA
Group: N/A

Message: I'm fascinated by your book project and very interested in working with you on the project. I came here to check out the site and view the pictures. Fantastic variety and a wonderful tribute to the D Troop.

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:35PM
From: Barry P Chituck
City: Grass Valley
State: CA
Group: Maint
Years: 1970-1972

Message: Served with D Trp 1/1 Cav 70 - 72 at Chu Lai East, Chu Lai West, and Marble Mountain in Da Nang.

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:36PM
From: Rodney "Gram" Gramolini
City: North Smithfield
State: RI
Group: Blues
Years: Dec 69-Oct 70

Message: Was with a Recon unit from Dec 69 - May 70, then with D Troop from June 70 til wounded Oct 9, 1970

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:37PM
From: Gary Groom
City: Canton
State: GA
Group: Guns
Years: Jun 68-Jun 69

Message: Sabre 73 Cobra driver

Date: Wed 07/11/12 3:38PM
From: Roy M Bean
City: Conroe
State: TX
Group: Guns
Years: Jan 70-Dec 70

Message: Sabre 25